Stats in The Waylanders contains information regarding the basic assets that build around the player's character. From indicating the value of the player's life, the damage value of a weapon, and defense value for various resistances. This page will contains information regarding status effects that can be inflicted on the player, companions, and enemies.


The Waylanders Stats




Each Character gains 2 Attribute Points each time they level up.



Brute force, immunity, and intimidation. Increases Resilience


Pain tolerance, endurance, and bravado. Increases Health.


A character's dexterity, coordination, and cunning. Increases Dodge - Chance.



Environmental awareness, problem-solving, and conversational insight. Increases Critical Chance.


Analytical thinking and careful assessment. Increases Efficiency - Abilities.


Determination, readiness, and tenacity. Increases Speed- Cooldown.

Class Resources

Class Resources are used by Abilities.


Fury is used by the Warrior, Guardian and Daughter of Lug classes. Fury is generated by both hitting enemies or getting hit by them


Energy is used by the Rogue, Ranger and Trickster classes. Energy is passively generated over time.


 Mana is used by the Healer, Sorceror and Fomorian Champion classes. Mana is passively generated over time.



 Stats are provided by Equipment.

  • intuition_stat_the_waylanders_wiki_guide_25pxIntuition: The general Intuition of the character. Affects damage and Stat tests
  • logic_stat_the_waylanders_wiki_guide_25pxLogic:The general Logic of the character. Affects damage and Stat tests.
  • defense_physical_stat_the_waylanders_wiki_guide_25pxDefense Physical: Indicates the percentage of damage reduction against physical attacks
  • defense_magickal_stat_the_waylanders_wiki_guide_25pxDefense Magickal: Indicates the percentage of damage reduction against magic attacks
  • penetration_stat_the_waylanders_wiki_guide_25pxPenetration: Indicate the amount of armor that will be ignored when performing a physical attack


Status Effects



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