Combat for The Waylanders focuses on the basic combat mechanic of the game and its associated actions that players can execute. From indicating the usage of the various weapons that can be equipped, battle formations, companions mechanics, player and enemy combat details, and many more. This page covers information regarding combat in general as well as other individual mechanics for the game.


The Waylanders Combat

Combat in The Waylanders resemble to other games Isometric RPGs such as Divinity or Pillars of Eternity but simplified. Players can opt for a real or stop time to perform more advanced strategies. The Waylanders provide a unique mechanic called Formations where 3 or more characters merge into a single more powerful unit with unique abilities.

Party Size & Companions

There are 9 Companions in The Waylanders but your party can only have up to 5 members (Your Character + 4 Companions). You can always swap party members by accessing the Party Menu. Choose your Companions wisely to explore the land.


Formations or Battle Formations in The Waylanders is a combat feature that allows a player to execute a strategic arrangement in battle. When a formation is used, the character joins forces two or more (up to 5) other Companions to work as a team to create a single more powerful unit with unique abilities.

To make a formation, first select the character that will create it. Now right click on the other characters that you want to form part of the Formation. Click on the formation you want to create, and they will merge into a single unit.

Characters inside a formation are invulnerable, and even if the formation health drops to 0, they won't suffer any damage.


Abilities in The Waylanders are talents for classes. Each class consists of its own set of unique abilities such as physical abilities, special attacks, summoning abilities, magical abilities that can buff allies or debuff enemies, and many more

Characters gain 1 ability point each time they level up which can be used to unlock a new ability.

Combat and Time Stop

Players can experience real time combat controlling 1 character or formation. Using the Time Stop button will allow you to stop the fight and provide each character with orders. When time starts rolling again they will complete the orders you commanded.


As players explore the world, they will find Equipment that will increase the combat capabilities of their characters. Each Class has their unique Weapons And Armors.

Players can also find gold which can be used to buy diffrent Consumables and Scrolls that can be used during combat.


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