Class Type Summoner
Class Resource Energy

Trickster is a Class in The Waylanders. Classes determine the playstyle of your hero, choosing a particular class affects the hero's stats, skills, abilities, and starting gear. Trickster is exclusive to Trasté


Trickster Information

  • This class is exclusive to Trasté
  • Summon
  • Spells
  • Ranged Attacks

Trickster Formations

This class doesn't have and can't join formations

Trickster Abilities


  • Glowy BOOM: Fling a Wisp wherever you want. If it hits bad people, they go BOOM. If not, Wisp goes BOOM far away
  • Summon Wisp: Calf more Wisps from wherever Wisps come from.
  • Summon Shooty Thing: Call a thing that shoots glowy things at bad people.
  • Slippery Wisp: Fling a Wisp where you want. If it hits bad people, they disarmed and Wisp disappears. If not, Wisp just disappears.
  • Wake the Thing: Poke the Thing in your bag. It wakes up and spits stuff on bad people. Warning: Stuff could be ANYTHING.
  • Go to Friends: Use magick to go to friends. Hello friends!


  • Sneaky Devil: You are good at sneaking and spotting good places to play tricks, giving you more Agility and Perception than most.
  • Friends!: Every few seconds, a Wisp appears near you. They can be used as ammunition for certain abilities, or can explode, damaging a target.


Trickster Advanced Classes

  • ??
  • ??



Trickster Notes & Tips

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  • Other Notes and Tips go here



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