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Class Type Tank
Class Resource Fury

Guardian is a Class in The Waylanders. Classes determine the playstyle of your hero, choosing a particular class affects the hero's stats, skills, abilities, and starting gear. The Guardian features the usage of shields, heavy weapons, excels at being the tank of the party, and specializes in melee combat.


Guardian Information

  • Skills & Abilities
  • If you want to defend your party, but also do some damage, play as a Guardian.
  • By wielding a shield and a heavy weapon, you can draw the attention of your enemies, stop their attacks, and pave the way for your allies to finish them off.


Guardian Features

  • Shield
  • Heavy Weapons
  • Tank
  • Melee Weapons

Guardian Formations

orb formation icon the waylanders wiki guide 100px

Defensive Formation

phalax formation icon the waylanders wiki guide 100px

Offensive Formation

Guardian Abilities


  • Sunder: Damage your enemy's defenses, leaving them vulnerable to the next attack. Generates Fury.
  • Shield Bash: Slam your shield into the enemy, throwing them to the ground. Applies Knockdown. Consumes all Fury.
  • Deflect: Temporarily intercept projectiles and reduce all incoming damage. Consumes all Fury.
  • Serrated Mark: Turn the sharp edges of your armor on your foes, damaging all nearby enemies. Consumes all Fury.
  • Focused Discipline: Concentrate on your attacks. You will temporarily generate more Fury.
  • Taunt: Draw the attention of all nearby enemies. Generates Fury.


  • Fortress: Your intense physical training has made you tough, giving you more Constitution than most.
  • Last Stand: The greater your injuries, the less damage you take.


Guardian Advanced Classes

  • Vanguard
  • Blacksmith
  • Chieftain



Guardian Notes & Tips

  • ??
  • Other Notes and Tips go here



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