Controls for The Waylanders features the input methods for the player to interact with the game. Listed below are details on the default configuration for PC which dictates the various actions apart from character movement and interactions.


The Waylanders Controls

PC Keyboard


Move (Keyboard) - W / A / S / D
Move (Mouse), also targets and attacks automatically - Right Click
Select / Confirm drag to add members / Press Outside to deselect targetLeft Click
Add to Formation ALT+ Drag left Click to add several membersRight Click on portrait
Form - G
Use Abilities - 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8
Use Items9/0/ '/i

Tactical Pause - Space
Move cameraDrag Right Click
Zoom amera - Mouse Wheel 
Change Camera - C
Free Camera, also moving to screen borders - V
Menu - ESC/I
Map - M  


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