New Player Help for The Waylanders covers various information and guides that will help a player understand the basics of the game's mechanics as well as recommended things to do before starting the game. The aim is to help all players to further understand the game and to know what it has to offer.

Helpful Links:

  • Controls: Covers the details of the basic layout of the controller for all platforms.
  • Walkthrough: A detailed guide of the game's main story.
  • Combat: Provides information on the basic and advanced combat system of The Waylanders.
  • Companions: Learn about the companions of the game such as its gameplay mechanic and lore.
  • Formations: Learn about Formations and how they can help you in battle
  • Character Creation: Learn how to create your character according to Lore or Stats.


The Waylanders New Player Help


There are three different type of missions: Primary Missions, Loyalty Missions and Secondary Missions. Players will acquire missions by talking to NPCs or by interacting with the Mast located at the front part of The Vengeance.


Formations is a combat feature that allows a player to execute a strategic arrangement in battle. When a formation is used, the character joins forces two or more (up to 5) other Companions to work as a team to create a single more powerful unit with unique abilities.

To use a formation you must first unlock it (Formations are unlocked at level 3 and 9). Once unlocked, select the character with the formation you want to use, then right click on the companions that you want to join the formation (You must select at least two other Characters) and click on the Formation Icon. To disband a formation click on the formation Icon again.

Note that companion classes Fomorian Champion, Daughter of Lug and Trickster can't join or create formations


Companions are Special NPCs that can join your Party and join you in adventures and battles. You will meet Companions as you progress through the game. Some companions have Basic Classes that you can select from while others have special and unique classes only avaialble to them (Fomorian Champion, Daughter of Lug and Trickster).


You can explore the world by yourself or with Companions. The maximum Party Size is 5, so you will have to select which companions will accompany you. You can always swap your companions from the Party menu.

Tactical Pause

During combat, you can use the Tactical Pause by pressing the space bar. This will freeze time allowing you to issue commands to all your Characters. Once you are done, press the space bar again and your party will execute your instructions.

Consumables & Scrolls

Remember that you can use Consumables and Scrolls that can give you an edge during combat. In order to use them you will first need to assign them to a quick slot from the inventory. Select the character that you want and then drag the Consumable or Scroll to the quick slot. Once in combat, press the designated key to activate it.

Leveling Up

Your party will earn experience by defeating Enemies and completing Missions. Once you reach enough experience the whole party will level up.

The Party shares Level and new companions will automatically earn your current level.

Each time you level up you will be able to designated 2 Attribute Points and 1 Ability point for each Character.

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