NPCs for The Waylanders are non-playable characters that are in the game, NPCs can affect plot lines, events, and quests of the game. NPCs are characters that add contrast to the game's lore where some NPCs provide information, some provide quests, while others are categorized as Merchants or Blacksmiths whom you can trade with or request for certain services. This page covers a full list of all the NPCs in The Waylanders, you can find detailed information on their location and other related information on each individual page linked below. 


The Waylanders NPCs


The Seer is considered to be timeless- she has existed for as long as anyone can remember, and has held a highly esteemed position within Mourian society for hundreds of years. Due to her magickal abilities and confident personality, she’s regarded as the world’s foremost magical authority, and she absolutely loves it. No one knows magick quite like Nazhedja.


Tiana is a Commander of the Celtic army, and one of the people currently vying for the throne of Brigantia. She was not born to be a queen, but she knows that her training and life experiences have potentially prepared her to be a good one. Her quest for the throne is a reluctant one- she’d prefer to be a Commander for the rest of her life, but she truly believes that no one else has her qualifications or support. She is also the daughter of Tarlock.


Tarlock is the father of Tiana. Tarlock rose to prominence as one of King Ith’s senior advisors just a few years ago and fell from grace nearly as quickly as he rose. Dynamic, charismatic, and prone to sudden violence, his hot temper intrigued King Ith and felt like a good potential way to balance the King’s calm love of peace. In the struggles against the werewolves, Tarlock was initially a celebrated leader.



A member of the court of King Ith, and the king's distant relative and trusted advisor. Taliesin has recently been spending a suspicious amount of time with Nazhedja, the Mourian Seer.


The son of King Ith and Omen Escota. Prince Lugad in the Price of Kaltia and the symbol of the union between Brigantia and Egypt A warrior and a spoiled drunkard, he is the rightful heir to his father's throne, but is he the right choice?


It was in his youth that Ith discovered Inisfial, the home of the gods, from the top of the Tower of Brigantia. That night, he dreamed of a delegation to that island, a union between mortal, immortals, and gods, and has dedicated his life to the goal. The voyage to Inisfial is the culmination of decades of diplomacy and hard work
A quiet and responsible man, he is often frustrated by the excesses of his spoiled son, Lugaid.




 The former King of the World and current king of the Fomorians. He is confined to the Gate of Exile among the Fomorians.

Old Man

An old man, trying to find his son






Companions in The Waylanders are special NPCs who join the player to form a party that ventures out in the field. As you progress throughout the game, you will be able to meet these NPCs who you can recruit to your party as a companion, some may be recruited automatically, while some may require you to meet certain conditions before they are recruited. Companions are vital and helpful to your journey since each one of them has different stats, strengths, weaknesses, gear, and combat style, they can aid you through fighting enemies you encounter, as well as to guide you by giving hints, tips, and important information. This page covers a full list of all the companions in The Waylanders.


The Waylanders Companions


Despite being only thirty at the start of the game, Amergin is the Master Druid for the court of King Ith. Amergin is bright, inspired, excited about life, and incredibly good at magic. He is known for his charm and his sharp wit. He believes with all his heart that the world is out of balance, and he has devoted himself to becoming part of the solution.


Studious, serious, and sometimes overly blunt- Berath is a quiet, yet snarky immortal professor. Underneath his often cold & analytical exterior is a kind, gentle soul. Don’t be fooled by his passions for crafts, cooking, and plants, though- Berath is generally one of the most dangerous and deadly people in the room.


Brigg, who is about to turn 50, is your oldest non-immortal party member in the game. They had been a commander in King Ith’s army until they retired a few years ago in order to allow their young protegeé, Tiana, to take her place. Brigg supports Tiana completely.



Delba is the youngest daughter of the Fomorian king. Still centuries old, she is one of the youngest Fomorians in general. Her mother disappeared to the surface when she was a child, and she’s been obsessed with exploring the human world since. Delba has a vision that the Fomorians will be able to show the humans that they’re not monsters, and will one day find a happier life on the surface.


A greek mercenary in his early twenties, Heraklios loves glory more than anything else in the world. He insists that ever fight be as fair as possible, almost to the point of an obsession. He will sometimes make a situation substantially harder on himself just so that he can live up to that sense of fairness.


Khaldun is in her mid-twenties, and is intelligent as hell. The eldest daughter of a noble family in Meroe, in The Kingdom of Kush. Her necromantic powers come from her unwavering faith in the Egyptian pantheon, and she is a devoted priestess to the god Osiris. This may put her into direct conflict with some of your devout Celtic party members on occasion.



Mal is a mid-thirties, tough-as-nails butch who loves violence for the sake of violence. Luckily, she has channeled this love into a useful career, killing dangerous monsters. She doesn’t talk much, would rather be caught dead than in a dress, and enjoys smelling a little bit like death to keep people from talking to her. The only time she’s seen smiling is when she’s killing something… or licking her knife after doing so.


The werewolf curse has intensified over time, as each new generation becomes more lupine than the last. Rea was the first werewolf to be born without speech. She walks on all fours. But do not be deceived- she is more intelligent and empathetic than most humans. And she is definitely not a dog.


Trasté is a Goblin! Trasté care very hard. Trasté wish Trasté was a people. You changed from one thing into another thing. Maybe you can make Trasté a people?? Worth a try!!!


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