Background in The Waylanders affects starting Stats the player has. What Background you can choose depends on the  Classes and Race you select during the Character Creation. Some Backgrounds are available all Class, but most are not. Make sure to check which Races and Classes are required if you'd like to select a specific Background from the list below.


Background Information

Celtic Soldier

Celtic Soldier You have been training in the ways of combat since you came of age. You grew up in the Celtic culture and faith. but spent your early adulthood traveling around the world as a mercenary. During that time, you learned of other cultures and fighting styles, making you an essential asset in negotiations and on the battlefield. You are now an honored, decorated member of King Ith's personal guard.
You're sharp, strong, and tough. but have little interest in diplomacy and politics beyond the kinds that lead to violence.

Class Required: Warrior, Guardian, Rogue or Ranger

Dogs of Ares Mercenary

As a teenager, Prince Lugaid of Brigantia was sent to Scythia to study their advanced combat tactics. You were his instructor. As a mercenary from the famous [TEMP] Dogs of Ares mercenary company, you believe strongly in the glory of battle and are one the best skirmishers in the world. You specialize in the Greek spear-and-shield fighting style, as well as the bow, but know little of Celtic culture and society.
This is your first time ever visiting Brigantia, and you may find their ways rather odd and difficult to understand compared to your own. It doesn't bother you much. In your experience, most problems can be solved with close observation and -when necessary- a little bloodshed.

Class Required: WarriorGuardianRogue or Ranger

Celtic Druid

As a Celtic druid, you are deeply ensconced in the Celtic culture. Born with a natural aptitude for magick, you were sent to the druidic circle in Dumbriga as a child to develop your skills The other druids at the circle are your main family and cultural touchstones, and the trees stones, birds, and the sea are as alive and important to you as people.
You've become a respected and valued scholar, known for your ability to wield the natural elements, but your devotion to the Celtic faith means that your understanding of other cultures and religions is severely lacking.

Class Required: Sorceror or Healer



Since the beginning of time, Brigantia has been deeply connected to Egypt. The two societies have traded goods and culture for as long as anyone can remember, and many Egyptians reside in Brigantia. Queen Escota herself was born in Egypt, and openly follows the Egyptian religion. A few years ago, the queen's son, Prince Lugaid met you in Egypt, and offered you a position in his entourage. You have been traveling with him ever since, as a trusted advisor and friend. Far from home, you have not yet decided whether you will follow the Egyptian religion of your ancestors or accept the Celtic religion and way of life as your own.
You aren't as strong or battle-hardened as your royal friend, but you are quick, intelligent, and curious. In other words, everything an advisor needs to be.

Class Required: Sorceror or Healer

Mourian Protector

Your long life has been spent protecting Mourian leaders and diplomats, and you are proud to say that none of your charges have ever died - at least while you were watching them. This time, you have the highest honor of all: protecting the legendary Seer, leader and sacred guide of your people. You hope to finally visit the great capital of the Underworld upon your return. 
Your focus on protection has left you slower and less agile than you'd prefer, but you can take a punch like few others.

Class Required: Warrior, Guardian, Rogue, Ranger, Sorceror or Healer

Alpha Wolf

You are the leader of a powerful pack of merchants and traders. This will be your first journey out of your family's lands, and you hope to meet your ancestor, Lug.
Werewolves don't prize the same qualities as other races do. You aren't as strong, tough, or smart as your packmates, but your speed is second to none.

Class Required: Warrior, Guardian, Rogue, Ranger, Sorceror or Healer


Mourian Diplomat

Your elders have been grooming you for Mourian leadership since a young age. Studies and travel consumed your early adulthood, and you have spent the last few years traveling with the Celts, learning about the world and teaching them about yours. This particular trip will be the first time you meet the Mourian Seer, and you hope to make a good impression on her. 
You have a great deal of experience winning debates and are knowledgeable about cultures besides your own, but your devotion to intellectual pursuits have left you weaker and more frail than your famously sturdy people.

Class Required: Warrior, Guardian, Rogue, Ranger, Sorceror or Healer


You grew up as a slave in the Mourian underground, with little knowledge of the outside world. You look human enough to most people, if a little tall. As a mercenary of the Mourians, you've fought on their side in various conflicts throughout your life. You arrive in Brigantia as their bodyguard, but also as a warning: your masters remember what the Tuatha did.
Your Fomorian blood has given you strength, durability, and a tireless will. You tend to focus on what's before you, to the exclusion of all else.

Class Required: Warrior, Guardian, Rogue, Ranger, Sorceror or Healer




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