Character Type Companion
Race Werewolf
Location ???

Rea is a Companion in The Waylanders. Companions are special NPCs that join the player character in their exploration of the world. Companions are vital and helpful to your journey since each one of them has different stats, strengths, weaknesses, gear, and combat style, they can aid you through fighting enemies you encounter, as well as to guide you by giving hints, tips, and important information


Rea Information

The werewolf curse has intensified over time, as each new generation becomes more lupine than the last. Rea was the first werewolf to be born without speech. She walks on all fours. But do not be deceived- she is more intelligent and empathetic than most humans. And she is definitely not a dog.

Whereas pet dogs are loyal out of pure love for their masters, Rea is loyal, but it’s because she spends her time trying to prove that she is just as human as everyone else… which is difficult when you’re essentially nonverbal. Not being able to talk when you can think in complex sentences is frustrating, and sometimes she melts down and lashes out. But then, she feels even worse. When she’s not overly frustrated, Rea thinks deeply about every action and chooses her moves and howls carefully. She believes that it’s in everyone’s best interest to work together and strive towards a better future.

Rea has a different perspective on the corruption plaguing the land than the rest of your party. She hopes that those being corrupted beyond recognition might one day be cured and that whatever magic brings about that cure might finally help teach her how to communicate with others the way she’s always dreamed about. In the meantime, she’ll continue practicing trying to form her mouth around words and stretching her back leg muscles. She dreams of falling in love and having her own pups someday, but will not even consider becoming romantically involved with anyone until she can speak to them the words of love she truly wants to share… and ensure that her children wouldn’t share her curse.



How to Recruit Rea 

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Rea Combat Information

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Rea Notes and Tips

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