Character Type Companion
Race Fomorian
Location Gate of Exile

Delba is a Companion in The Waylanders. Companions are special NPCs that join the player character in their exploration of the world. Companions are vital and helpful to your journey since each one of them has different stats, strengths, weaknesses, gear, and combat style, they can aid you through fighting enemies you encounter, as well as to guide you by giving hints, tips, and important information


Delba Information

Delba is the youngest daughter of the Fomorian king. Still centuries old, she is one of the youngest Fomorians in general. Her mother disappeared to the surface when she was a child, and she’s been obsessed with exploring the human world since. Delba has a vision that the Fomorians will be able to show the humans that they’re not monsters, and will one day find a happier life on the surface.

She is enormous, and most people think she’s scary-looking… which she finds hilarious. She’s tough and violent when she needs to be and doesn’t mind being that person… but she’d much rather be playing music and telling dirty jokes with her friends.

Optimistic to a fault, Delba wants the Fomorians to stop living in the shadows, for them to plan a triumphant return to the surface. She hopes to inspire others to be more accepting of her kind, and will often neglect her own needs or wants in order to make people like her. Everything is Fomorian first for Delba- and when it comes to conflicts… she doesn’t care as much about morality as she does about practicality and pushing her own cause. As a romance option, she’s awkwardly charming and more interested in a deep emotional and intellectual connection than a sexual one. Delba loves to cuddle, and will happily lie with you under the stars telling funny stories all night long.



How to Recruit Delba 



Delba Combat Information



Delba Notes and Tips

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