Xerion's Corruption Quests

Quest Type Secondary Mission
Location The Vengeance
Reward 300 Gold

Xerion's Corruption Quests is a Secondary Mission in The Waylanders. Xerion's Corruption Quests can be acquired at The Vengeance and rewards you with 300 Gold. Secondary Missions are side quests and tasks in The Waylanders that players can complete to earn additional rewards. Completing Secondary Missions is not mandatory to finish the game.


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Xerion, King of the Fomorians, wants to speak to you.

  • Speak with Xerion
  • Deal with the Urco
  • The Source of Corruption. Touch the sources
  • Search for Corruption sources in Fisterra
  • Search for corruption sources in Aunes



  • You can get this quest by interacting with the Pillar on the front part of The Vengeance
  • Head to Gate of Exile and talk to Xerion, he will ask you to blow the horn located at Clarion Point
  • Head to Clarion Point and blow the horn. Xerion will now ask you to travel to Dunnios.
  • Travel to Dunnios. There are 4 pillars that you need to touch, each one located at one corner of the map.
  • Travel to The end of the World and on the right part of the map you will find a single pillar.
  • Travel to Aunes and touch the corrupted Goblins.


Tips & Tricks

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    • Anyone unable to "touch" Any of the sources or am i missing some thing obvious?.. i cant seem to get a prompt to interact at northern or eastern source, i can get close seemingly as close as i did to the southern and western source but no interaction prompts what am i missing i did do them out of order is that my error?

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