Semi Fomorian

Race Origin/s Slave

Semi Fomorian is a Race in The Waylanders. Choosing a hero's race occurs during Character Creation which allows the player to select the appearance, origin or background, traits, dialogues, and interactions within the game.



Semi Fomorian Information

Part-human, part-wolf: in the world of the Waylanders, instead of transforming from a normal human into a monster during the full moon, werewolves maintain their ferocious appearance at all times. You can’t become a werewolf- they’re born that way. All werewolves are distant descendants of the lupine Tuatha, Lug. Unlike the Tuatha, they are mortal. Some look almost completely human, but with a bit more fur and paw-like hands, while others appear indistinguishable from wolves, but with the intelligence of a human. The majority are somewhere in between.

The Fomorians are a race of monstrous immortal giants who once ruled Ireland. When the Tuatha came to power, they banished the Fornorians to a small corner of the Mourian Underworld. The Fomorians have been in exile for thousands of years, biding their time until they have an opportunity to retake their ancestral home. Half-Fomorians are the offspring of these titans: less monstrous in appearance, but just as fearsome.


Semi Fomorian Origins



Depending on the Race, Gender and Background the initial Stats of your character will vary. If you are seeking for min/max you can use the following table:

Semi Fomorian - Male / Female - Slave
7 6 5 3 5 6

Semi Fomorian Ability


Semi Fomorian Notes and Tips

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