Mourian Protector

Body type Required Male
Race Required Mourian
Class Required Warrior, Guardian, Rogue, Ranger, Sorceror or Healer

Mourian Protector is a Background in The Waylanders. In order to pick Mourian Protector  you must have the Mourian race, Male body type and choose one of the following clases Warrior, Guardian, Rogue, Ranger, Sorceror or Healer



Your long life has been spent protecting Mourian leaders and diplomats, and you are proud to say that none of your charges have ever died - at least while you were watching them. This time, you have the highest honor of all: protecting the legendary Seer, leader and sacred guide of your people. You hope to finally visit the great capital of the Underworld upon your return.
Your focus on protection has left you slower and less agile than you'd prefer, but you can take a punch like few others.


Mourian Protector Information

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Mourian Protector Inicial Stats

  • Depending on the Race, Gender and Background the initial Stats of your character will vary. If you are seeking for min/max you can see the complete table in Character Creation secction.
Mourian - Male - Mourian Protector
6 7 4 5 6 4


Mourian Protector Notes & Tips

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Alpha Wolf  ♦  Celtic Druid  ♦  Celtic Soldier  ♦  Dogs of Ares Mercenary  ♦  Egyptian  ♦  Mourian Diplomat  ♦  Slave


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