Land Dragon

Type: Follower
Abilities Fearsome Charge

Land Dragon is an Animal Companion in The Waylanders. Land Dragon is __description__ Animal Companios are exclusive to the Ranger class. Land Dragon has two abilities, Fearsome Charge and Breathe.




Land Dragon Information

  • __description__
  • Land Dragon are exclusive to the Ranger class



How to unlock Land Dragon

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Land Dragon Abilities

  • fearsome_charge_land_dragon_ability_the_waylanders_wiki_guide_49pxFearsome Charge: Dash at an enemy, hurting and knocking them down.
  • breathe_land_dragon_ability_the_waylanders_wiki_guide_49pxBreathe: Breathe Set your feet and unleash your breath in a chosen direction, damaging all enemies in the area over time.



Land Dragon Notes & Tips

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Bear  ♦  Crow  ♦  Deer  ♦  Dog  ♦  Dragon  ♦  Magpie  ♦  Panther  ♦  Rabbit  ♦  Spider  ♦  Wild Boar  ♦  Wolf


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