Type Support Formation
Classes Healer and Sorceror
Level Unlocks at level 3

Golem is a Formation in The Waylandersare. Golem is a support formation that can be used by the Healer and Sorceror classes. When a formation is used, the character joins forces two or more (up to 5) other Companions to work as a team to create a single more powerful unit with unique abilities.


Golem Information

  • Golem is a support formation that can both heal allies and damage and root enemies.


How to Unlock Golem

  • Golem is unlocked when a Healer or Sorceror character reaches level 3.


Golem Abilities



ring_of_healing,_ring_of_stone!_golem_formation_ability_icon_the_waylanders_wiki_guide_100pxRing of Healing, Ring of Stone! The formation creates an area that heals allies over time and summons stone guardians
magick_fist!__golem_formation_ability_icon_the_waylanders_wiki_guide_100pxMagick Fist!  The formation grabs an enemy with their magick, slowly crushing them.
boulder_slam!_golem_formation_ability_icon_the_waylanders_wiki_guide_100pxBoulder Slam!  The formation hurls a boulder, damaging all enemies in the impact area.
legendary_life_and_death!_golem_formation_ability_icon_the_waylanders_wiki_guide_100pxLegendary: Life and Death! The formation summons stone guardians and creates an area that heals allies over time and roots enemies in place 

 Golem Notes & Tips

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