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Goblin is a Race in The Waylanders. Choosing a hero's race occurs during Character Creation which allows the player to select the appearance, origin or background, traits, dialogues, and interactions within the game.



Goblin Information

Goblins may be cute and playful, but beware- this magickal race can cause an immense amount of damage due to their penchant for pranks and shocking lack of empathy. They will do whatever they find interesting and entertaining without a thought for each other, or anyone else. Because of this, they make a delightful member of an adventuring party but rarely find themselves welcome in polite society. However, nearly every human neighborhood claims to have a resident goblin… whether they actually do or not.

Goblins are easy to blame for things going missing, or other acts of absent-mindedness. Goblins wear masks to convey their emotions and personalities and never speak. It’s unknown whether or not they can. Instead, they communicate with one another through body language and the use of musical instruments. The only known concentrated goblin community is located in the coastal city of Aunes.



Goblin Origins

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Goblin Notes and Tips

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