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Fomorian is a Race in The Waylanders. Choosing a hero's race occurs during Character Creation which allows the player to select the appearance, origin or background, traits, dialogues, and interactions within the game.



Fomorian Information

The Fomorians are a race of monstrous immortal giants who once ruled Ireland. When the Tuatha came to power, they banished the Fomorians to a small corner of the Mourian Underworld. The Fomorians have been in exile for thousands of years, biding their time until they have an opportunity to retake their ancestral home. Though they initially could live in peace outside of the Underworld, humans began hunting and killing Fomorians as a display of heroism, equating them not to people, but to common monsters due to their fearsome appearance and ability to regenerate.

In response, the Fomorians have become angry, violent, and cannibalistic. Their king allows his subjects to eat his limbs in order to subsist. This vulgar behavior has caused the Mourians to look down on them with disdain, and treat them as second-class citizens. Half-Fomorians, the mortal children of a Fomorian and a human, are uncommon- but they are much more widely accepted than their gruesome kin. Militaries and mercenary groups often seek out Half-Fomorians to add imposing figures to their ranks.



Fomorian Origins

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  • Half-Fomorian



Fomorian Notes and Tips

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