Eternal Curiosity

Quest Type Secondary Mission
Location The Vengeance
Reward ???

Eternal Curiosity is a Secondary Mission in The Waylanders. Eternal Curiosity can be acquired at The Vengeance and rewards you with ???. Secondary Missions are side quests and tasks in The Waylanders that players can complete to earn additional rewards. Completing Secondary Missions is not mandatory to finish the game.


Related NPCs



Nazhedja wants to speak with you



  • You can get this quest by interacting with the Pillar on the front part of The Vengeance
  • Head to the Golden Palace and speak with Nazhedja. Agree to help her and you will gain access to Medhu's Peak
  • Travel to Medhu's Peak and on the upper right part you will fund the Torn Academic Journal Page 1 and the Forgotten Road location will unlock.
  • Travel to Forgotten Road.
    • Page 1: Can be found on the bottom right part of the map
    • Page 2: Can be found on the middle left part of the map
    • Page 3: Can be found on the middle right part of the map
  • Head to the top part of the map and enter the cave to defeat Orgo and complete the quest


Tips & Tricks

  • ??




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