Race Required Human
Class Required Sorceror or Healer

Egyptian is a Background in The Waylanders. In order to pick Egyptian you must have the human race and choose one of the following two classes, Sorceror or healer.


Since the beginning of time, Brigantia has been deeply connected to Egypt. The two societies have traded goods and culture for as long as anyone can remember, and many Egyptians reside in Brigantia. Queen Escota herself was born in Egypt, and openly follows the Egyptian religion. A few years ago, the queen's son, Prince Lugaid met you in Egypt, and offered you a position in his entourage. You have been traveling with him ever since, as a trusted advisor and friend. Far from home, you have not yet decided whether you will follow the Egyptian religion of your ancestors or accept the Celtic religion and way of life as your own.
You aren't as strong or battle-hardened as your royal friend, but you are quick, intelligent, and curious. In other words, everything an advisor needs to be.


Egyptian Information

  • They are quick, intelligent, and curious.


Egyptian Inicial Stats

  • Depending on the Race, Gender and Background the initial Stats of your character will vary. If you are seeking for min/max you can see the complete table in Character Creation secction


Human - Male / Female - Egyptian
 4 5 6 5 6 6


Egyptian Notes & Tips

  • ??
  • Other Notes and Tips go here



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