Deathwalker's Set

Class healer_class_armor_icon_the_waylanders_wiki_guide_25pxHealer
defense_physical_stat_the_waylanders_wiki_guide_25pxDefense Physical 4.8%
defense_magickal_stat_the_waylanders_wiki_guide_25pxDefense Magickal 21%

Deathwalker's Set is an Armor Set in The Waylanders. Deathwalker's Set can be used by the Healer and Sorceror Classes, and provides 4.8% Defense Physical and 21% Defense Magickal when both pieces are equipped. Using a complete Armor Set in The Waylanders does not provide any additional effects other than aesthetics.


Deathwalker's Set Information


 How to Get Deathwalker's Set

  • Can be purchased at Merchants for 72 Gold
  • Can be dropped by Enemies as loot
  • Can be found inside Chests


Notes and Tips

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Piece Information


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