Type Attack Formation
Classes Rogue and Ranger
Level Unlocks at level 9

Daggertip is a Formation in The Waylandersare. Daggertip is an Attack formation that can be used by the Rogue and Ranger classes. When a formation is used, the character joins forces two or more (up to 5) other Companions to work as a team to create a single more powerful unit with unique abilities.


Daggertip Information

  • Daggertip is an Attack formation that deals very high DPS at close ranges.


How to Unlock Daggertip

  • Daggertip is unlocked when a Rogue or Ranger character reaches level 9.


Daggertip Abilities



mug_them!_daggertrip_formation_icon_the_waylanders_wiki_guide_78pxMug Them!
The formation charges, knocking down all enemies in its path.
bleed_them_dry!_daggertrip_formation_icon_the_waylanders_wiki_guide_78pxBleed them Dry!
The formation slashes every enemy in the specified direction
blind_the_fools!daggertrip_formation_icon_the_waylanders_wiki_guide_78pxBlind the Fools!
The formation blinds all enemies in the specified direction, making them miss their next attack.
legendary_nail_them_down!echelon_formation_ability_the_waylanders_wiki_guide_78pxLegendary: Smash and Grab!
The formation charges, clubbing enemies and knocking hem down. All formation members gain bonuses to Logic and Intuition for their next attacks.

 Daggertip Notes & Tips

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