Celtic Druid

Race Required Human
Class Required Sorceror or Healer

Celtic Druid is a Background in The Waylanders. To choose the Celtic druid you must have the human race and choose one of the following two classes, Sorceror or healer.


As a Celtic druid, you are deeply ensconced in the Celtic culture. Born with a natural aptitude for magic, you were sent to the druidic circle in Dumbriga as a child to develop your skills The other druids at the circle are your main family and cultural touchstones, and the trees stones, birds, and the sea are as alive and important to you as people.
You've become a respected and valued scholar, known for your ability to wield the natural elements, but your devotion to the Celtic faith means that your understanding of other cultures and religions is severely lacking.


Celtic Druid Information

  • They have a natural aptitude for magic.
  • Respected and valued scholar, known for they ability to wield the natural elements
  • Celtic Druid are devoted to the Celtic faith but understanding of other cultures and religions is severely lacking.


Celtic Druid Inicial Stats

  • Depending on the Race, Gender and Background the initial Stats of your character will vary. If you are seeking for min/max you can see the complete table in Character Creation secction


Human - Male / Female - Celtic Druid
 4 4 5 5 7 7


Celtic Druid Notes & Tips

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  • Other Notes and Tips go here



Alpha Wolf  ♦  Celtic Soldier  ♦  Dogs of Ares Mercenary  ♦  Egyptian  ♦  Mourian Diplomat  ♦  Mourian Protector  ♦  Slave

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