Bloody Feast

Effect Bleeding enemies restore your Health.
Type Passive

Bloody Feast is a Passive Daughter of Lug Ability in The WaylandersBloody Feast restores your Health when your enemies are bleeding.  Abilities are unique to each class and most of them consume or provide Class Resources.


Bloody Feast Effect:

  • Bleeding enemies restore your Health.


How to unlock Bloody Feast

  • Bloody Feast can be unlocked by spending 1 ability point when the character levels up.


Bloody Feast Notes and Tips

  • Notes & Tips



Daughter of Lug Abilities
Alpha Predator  ♦  Draw Blood  ♦  Feral Howl  ♦  Go for the Throat  ♦  Lunge  ♦  Rip and Tear  ♦  Swipe



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