Blood in the Woods

Quest Type Primary Mission
Location The Vengeance
Reward 115 Gold

Blood in the Woods is a Primary Mission in The Waylanders. Blood in the Woods can be acquired at The Vengeance and rewards you with 115 Gold. Primary Missions cover the main story line of The Waylanders and must be complete in order to finish the game.


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Commander Tiana, daughter of Tarlock, has asked for your assitance

  • Speak with Tiana in the Tavern
  • Discover The Fate of the Soldiers



  • You can get this quest by interacting with the Pillar on the front part of The Vengeance
  • Speak with Tiana, you can find at The Great Market inside The Gorgon's Head. Tell her you will help to find the soldiers and Brigg will join your party.
  • Travel to The Northen Forests. As soon as you walk ahead a group of soldiers will try to stop you. You can either persuade them or kill them. Continue ahead and defeat the enemies. When the road splits head uphill to find a treasure chest.
  • Continue ahead defeating the enemies until you go inside the cave.
  • At the end of the cave you will have to defeat Tristan to complete the quest


Tips & Tricks

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