Back to Life

Quest Type Primary Mission
Location The Outerworlds
Reward N/A

Back to Life is a Primary Mission in The Waylanders. Back to Life can be acquired at The Outerworlds and doesn't provide any reward. Primary Missions cover the main story line of The Waylanders and must be complete in order to finish the game.


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You have awakened in the Otherworld. What happened while you slept?

  • Find Amergin in the Outerworld
  • Return to Brigantia
    • Kill the Corrupted Soldiers
    • Help Heraklios
    • Witness the Coronation



  • When you wake up talk with Nazhedja and Berath
  • Head down to The Undermarket. Head to the bottom right path and talk to Bearth, he will join your party. You may have him as a Rogue or Ranger.
  • Head inside the Gate of Exile. Talk to Delba, she will join your party.
  • Continue to the end of the cave and you will meet with Xerion, after the conversation is over you will travel to Amergin's Home
  • Head south into the Wooded Path. Defeat the enemies and climb the bridge where you will meet with Heraklios. He will join your party as a Warrior or Guardian.
  • Go down and travel to Kingsland. A cinematic will play and you will find yourself at The Vengeance.


Tips & Tricks

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